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Studying in Latvia

Education System

There are more than 110 thousand students in Latvia resulting in 0.0492 students per capita.

The education system is built in four levels:

  • Pre-school
  • The compulsory basic education from the age 7 to 16;
  • Secondary or vocational education to prepare for higher education or labour market;
  • Higher education in academic (university ISCED level 6) or professional (non-university – ISCED level 5) programmes.

The basic and secondary education is guaranteed to all residents and funded by the State.

The academic higher education provides internationally recognised bachelor, master and doctor degrees. The professional higher education programmes are focused on professional skills required in the work market offering bachelor and master academic degrees. It takes approximately three to four years to obtain a bachelor’s degree, one to two years for a master’s degree and three to four years for a doctoral degree. Many of the higher education institutions provide Erasmus/Socrates exchange programmes for international students. Learn more (pdf document) [link to]

The foreign students are liable for the same tuition fees as permanent residents of Latvia.

Applying for studies in Latvia

In order to apply for any higher education programme in Latvia the diploma for secondary level education is required. Students are enrolled based on centralised examination passed at the secondary school or entrance examinations organised by the higher education institution individually.

To find out more about enrolment, please contact the chosen institution directly.

List of Universities and Higher Education Institutions

Learn more [link to]

Dr. Gerard O’Hare, Honorary Consul
of Latvia for Northern Ireland

Honorary Consulate of Latvia
in Northern Ireland
30 Monaghan Street, Newry,
Co. Down,Northern Ireland,
BT35 6AA

T: +44 (0) 28 3025 4577
F: +44 (0) 28 3025 4561

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